4C Code of Conduct – Update evaluation by ITC

The 4C Code of Conduct has just recently gone through an update evaluation by The International Trade Center (ITC).  The ITC overview on the number of requirements on environmental, social, management, quality, and ethics shows the comprehensiveness of the 4C standard. I.a., 4C has the highest number of social requirements when compared with other standards used in the coffee sector. For more information, click here.

The update also reiterates that 4C is independently conducted by third-party auditors to ensure compliance in the economic, social, and environmental dimensions for coffee production and processing, in order to establish credible sustainable coffee supply chains.

ITC, established in 1964, is the joint agency for the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. One of the programs of ITC is to develop and maintain the so-called sustainability map, which provides verified and transparent information on more than 250 voluntary sustainability standards and other similar initiatives, covering issues ranging from environmental protection, workers and labor rights, economic development, quality and food safety, all the way to business ethics