4C Invites its System Users to Join the Web-Training on Biodiversity in Agriculture and in Coffee Cultivation

A special web-training on biodiversity in agriculture and coffee cultivation with specific reference to the 4C requirements by the Food & Biodiversity Initiative provides a unique opportunity for Managing Entities of 4C Units and 4C auditors to learn about the importance of biodiversity conservation, how to develop biodiversity action plans and successfully implement them.

Biodiversity has been gaining increasing importance over the last decades and its loss gradually turned into one of the biggest challenges of our time, in particular in the agricultural sector. Improving biodiversity performance not only serves nature protection, but also is the basis for sustainable, successful, and climate change resilient coffee production.

This is a reason, why the 4C Code of Conduct v.4.0 requests an action plan to protect and restore high biodiversity areas, natural vegetation, fauna, soil and water resources, and sensitive areas as well as the implementation of climate adaptation and mitigation measures, among others. With the growing interest in biodiversity protection on the consumption side, coffee producers can additionally strengthen their market position, if they develop a strategic approach to biodiversity.

To additionally support 4C System users in biodiversity management and identification of the major steps in their biodiversity action plans, 4C encourages 4C System users to participate in a special web-training on biodiversity offered by the Food & Biodiversity Initiative if sufficient interest has been indicated by participants. The training course will be led by experts from the Lake Constance Foundation, Fundación Humedales and the IST University of Lisbon and consists of the following modules (duration of each module – 1,5 to 2 hours):

  • Module 1: Protection and Reinforcement of Biodiversity
  • Module 2: Very Good Agricultural Practices
  • Module 3: Biodiversity Performance Tool Café and Monitoring

If you are interested in participating in the biodiversity training course, please register here.

Download the web-training teaser