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Providing independent, credible and innovative solutions for sustainable supply chains

4C Benefits in Brief

For Producers

  • 4C enables socially and environmentally beneficial farming with good agricultural and management practices
  • Improvement plans ensure increasing performance across sustainability dimensions
  • Inclusive approach: Four out of five 4C coffee producers are smallholders
  • Increased productivity and profitability through capacity building measures
  • Integrated smallholder solutions to achieve real impact on the ground
  • Improved access to information and new international coffee markets
  • General professionalization of coffee production, in particular for small and medium-sized producers
  • Contribution to better working and living conditions
  • Pursuing access to markets and better income with certified coffee

For Traders, Roasters and Brand Owners

4C creates shareholder and consumer value for companies, enabling responsible sourcing, transparent reporting and credible communication. It also provides regulatory value, helping to meet increasing due diligence requirements on national and European levels

  • Strict sustainability criteria and 4C Chain of Custody certification for intermediary and final buyers for increased credibility
  • Independent recognized third-party certification (ISO 17065 and ISEAL Assurance Guidance, ITC, SAI Silver Level Compliance, actively contributing to the majority of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 
  • 4C is a toolbox for companies to assess and address risks in their supply chains and meet the increasing due diligence requirements 
  • 4C capacity building measures ensure professionalism, impartiality, and reliability
  • 4C Integrity program ensures integrity and trustworthiness of the system
  • Latest remote sensing technologies and databases are used to strengthen forest and biodiversity preservation
  • Curbing carbon footprint via measurement of carbon emissions, their reduction as well as in- and offsetting
  • 4C is a guarantee for your commitment to sustainable sourcing and traceable supply chains
  • 4C logo increases visibility and supports claims to the final customer

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