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Special Features at a Glance

Explore 4C’s special features and get inspired for joining us on the sustainability journey.

Risk Management

Comprehensive risk management, including identification, evaluation, and assessment of risks, is one of the main pillars of the 4C Certification System. It is supported by various innovative tools, such as GRAS Tool,  and continuously improved risk lists.


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Smallholder Integration

4C’s inclusive approach is intended to enable smallholders to enter certification in order to achieve a real impact on the ground in a continuous improvement process. To help smallholders, 4C is working with innovative tools and technologies, such as the Independent Smallholder App and the Smallholder Management Tool.

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Quality and Integrity Management

Robust oversight mechanism, regular 4C auditor training and calibration programs, 4C Integrity Program, as well as clear and transparent complaint and appeal procedure, secure the quality of the 4C Certification System.


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Innovative Tools

4C uses innovative tools to facilitate the 4C audit and certification process and to improve traceability within the 4C Unit’s supply chain. These include among others a risk assessment tool based on remote-sensing technologies helping 4C and its auditors to verify deforestation and other forms of land use change and to identify social risk areas. Further, an app specifically developed to facilitate the certification of smallholder producers allows to collect, manage, analyze and visualize basic data and capture smallholder field polygons directly on-site. Additional tracking app collects, monitors and analyses the origin and amount of 4C certified coffee per farmer via a QR code system and unique trip ID. This data is uploaded into a data management tool by the collector of the coffee, which the Managing Entity in charge of the group’s certificate can assess and countercheck.


Pilot Projects

To complement the audit and certification activities, 4C Services works on developing tailor-made solutions, based on real and local needs, e.g. soil health management or land-use change. Feasible projects results are integrated into the 4C Certification. If you are interested in a partnership to develop and implement a particular sustainability project, please contact us. To get familiar with the 4C project portfolio click here.