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4C Code and Verification System Training

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Description of our 4C Trainings in August and September 2018

The training goals are to provide an overview about the 4C Code of Conduct, to introduce the new verification report and new verification procedures.

Day 1: Understanding of 4C Code of Conduct, including all requirements related to Internal Management System (IMS), unacceptable practices (UAPs) and the principles within the Economic, Social and Environmental dimensions applicable to the different elements of the supply chain (coffee production, mills, warehousing and trading).

Day 2: Verification procedures, including the new version of the 4C Verification Regulations and the new verification report template. Also included, is the new procedure regarding evaluation of reports and 4C license recommendation and decision process. Another topic is the assessment of no go areas and land use change. This includes the presentation of a tool to facilitate risk analysis and land use assessment to support the verification plan.
Working group sessions round up all two days.

Benefits at a glance

  • Find out how the 4C system can be a solution provider for sustainable coffee supply chains;
  • Learn about the improvements implemented into the 4C system;
  • Familiarize yourself with requirements and new verification procedures;
  • Find out about the 4C logo use and claims.

Target groups
Certification bodies, auditors, managing entities of 4C Units, company representatives, NGOs, research bodies and authorities

Important note
During these trainings, relevant improvements in the 4C verification system will be presented. So, we highly recommend participation in a 4C Training to all verifiers and other users of the 4C System to become familiar with the new approach. Your participation is very important to understand and implement the new procedures.

For verifier 4C approved verifier companies:

  • Currently approved 4C lead verifiers: At least one lead verifier must participate in a 4C Training by the 31 December 2018. All lead verifiers must participate in a 4C Training by 31 December 2019 to maintain their status
  • Auditors who you wish to become approved 4C lead verifiers: By participating in this training, your auditors can become 4C lead verifiers, subject to 4C evaluation of further documentation

For certification bodies wishing to be approved: By participating in this training, auditors can become 4C lead verifiers, subject to 4C evaluation of further documentation.

Fees for the 4C training
680 EUR (not included VAT)

VAT is applicable ONLY for invoices issued to companies located in Germany
Click here for payment and cancellation policy
Note: This fee includes coffee breaks, lunches, dinner on the first day and training materials.

Group discount scheme:
No. of participants: 1  -> no discount
No. of participants: 2  -> 20%
No. of participants: 3 or 4 -> 30%
No. of participants: 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 -> 40%
No. of participants: 10 or more -> 50%

Important: only applicable for more than one participant from the same company in the same training. For VCs, this applies to verifiers under the same contract with 4C Services.

General note
4C trainings are open for all interested parties
4C trainings are held in the following languages:

Colombia: Spanish
Brazil: Portuguese
Vietnam: Vietnamese and English
Indonesia and Kenya: English

The training documents are provided to all participants at the beginning of the training in electronic form (USB-stick)
Participants should bring their laptops to the training.
Please note that an Attestation of Participation can only be issued for participants who attend the entire training to the end and also actively participate in the group work.

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