New coffee varieties by WCR help coffee farmers to adapt to climate change

The coffee market is facing a long-term challenge of structural supply deficits due to rising demand and to the effects of climate change on coffee production.

World Coffee Research (WCR) is the leading organization in the field of breeding new varieties which help farmers to increase yields, reduce inputs and pest controls, and to adapt to climate. This long-term working process is an important step to ensure future production of coffee.

4C endorses the work done by WCR and exchanges information and views, as it helps to drive better agricultural practices and educate farmers on the possibilities that these new varieties can bring them.

Onsite auditing by 4C and the longer term roll out of these varieties by WCR is a powerful combination in the interest of the coffee producers and of preservation of future supply.

First-generation (F1) high-performing hybrids are being grown in test fields in Central America and Africa, and now the first cherries from these plants are being harvested in El Salvador. This will enable analysis of the first results on the breeding trials, further narrowing down of variety selection, and continuous monitoring of the performance of these plants.

A great step forward, in the development of challenge resistant varieties to come to the market in the near future.

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