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4C System Updates

In the event of adjustments or changes to the 4C System requirements, 4C communicates the adjustments to all Managing Entities (MEs) of 4C units and all Certification Bodies (CBs) cooperating with 4C via system updates (formerly known as 4C info mails).

It is the responsibility of the ME and CB to take the system updates into account and inform all relevant members of staff and Business Partners (BPs) about such updates.


01 April 2019

Topics: 4C system updates; New 4C procedure: which cycle to use for the recertification audit; In case of new BPs joining a 4C unit or a break between two certification cycles, which cycle should be used for recertification; Revision of 4C audit report; Multiple producers cultivating and selling coffee from the same plot: how to register this in the BPM; Availability of geo-coordinates of BPs in the BPM; Obligation to participate in a 4C training