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Handling of 4C Compliant Coffee

Handling of 4C Compliant Coffee

After successful independent third-party audit, the Managing Entity of a 4C Unit receives a 4C Certificate which confirms the compliance with the requirements of the 4C Code of Conduct and Certification Regulations. With this certificate, the 4C Unit, through its Managing Entity, can sell coffee from its listed farmer business partners as 4C Compliant Coffee. Complementary to this, coffee roasters, retailers and other coffee brand owners, committed to include the 4C Code of Conduct in their sustainable sourcing commitments, purchase 4C Compliant Coffee through the 4C Certificate of the Managing Entity.

4C Units must only trade coffee from registered Business Partners of the 4C Unit as 4C Compliant Coffee. As a consequence, Business Partners of a particular 4C Unit who want to sell their coffee as 4C compliant can only do this through the Managing Entity of their Unit. Business Partners can also sell their coffee to other 4C Units/Managing Entities or any other buyer, but in that case this coffee is not considered as 4C compliant anymore.

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4C Logo Use and Claims

Communication about sustainability efforts is essential and contributes to increased awareness. Although it is prohibited to apply the logos, icons or messaging that belong to 4C Services GmbH or the former 4C Association on any type of final product packaging, there are even more powerful ways to communicate your involvement and contribution to the sustainability of the coffee sector. Producers and 4C Units can use the 4C logo in printed materials such as signs, documents, clothing and reports or digitally on documents and websites.

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