4C Certification · Final Buyers

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Final Buyers of 4C certified coffee

4C certified coffee is sold to Final Buyers (FBs), among them manufacturers, roasters, retailers, and brand owners, who seek sustainable coffee sourcing practices. The great role of FBs is in:

  • Integrating sustainable coffee production into global markets
  • Creating a positive impact on local farmers and their families
  • Enabling deforestation-free and fair coffee supply chains

Any Managing Entity with a valid certificate, confirming compliance of its related 4C Unit, can sell coffee to Final Buyers. To source 4C coffee as a part of the sustainable purchasing strategy, Final Buyers sign a Service agreement with 4C Services and pay a volume-based fee. The Service agreement also enables them, among others, to use both the 4C logo on- and off-pack to visualise and support their sustainability claims. To get acquainted with 4C benefits in detail, please follow the link.

Traceability and comprehensive data collection

Final Buyers can always access reliable data on 4C coffee and are informed of the latest improvements in the 4C system. In their turn, they are required to keep 4C coffee purchasing records and participate in commercial reporting to ensure traceability of the supply chains and enable comprehensive data collection and impact assessment.

FBs are welcome to participate in the 4C sustainability events to share their experience with the 4C certification system and exchange with the other international coffee experts.

If you are interested in sourcing 4C certified coffee and making a corresponding claim, please contact us.