4C Certification · How to become a Final Buyer

Join the 4C Certification Process - Step by Step

Final Buyers of 4C certified coffee

  • Integrate sustainable coffee production into global markets
  • Make a positive impact for local farmers and their families
  • Participate in deforestation-free and fair coffee supply chains

After successful independent third-party audit, the Managing Entity of a 4C Unit receives a 4C Certificate confirming compliance. With this certificate, the 4C Unit can sell coffee from its listed farmer business partners as 4C Compliant Coffee.

Complementary to this, coffee roasters, retailers and other coffee brand owners, committed to include the 4C Code of Conduct in their sustainable sourcing commitments, can purchase 4C Compliant Coffee through the 4C Certificate of the Managing Entity. These are called Final Buyers by the 4C System, and they pay a volume based fee to 4C Services, allowing them to make sustainability claims around sourcing 4C Compliant Coffee.

The final buyers participate in and enjoys the benefits of the 4C Certificate and the 4C Certification System, purchasing 4C Compliant Coffees, accessing reliable data about the improvements of the good agricultural and social practices in the supply chain and claiming the sustainable sourcing through the 4C commercial reporting system.

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  • If your company is interested in making claims regarding 4C Compliant Coffee purchases and sustainability, contact us.