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Certification Scopes

The 4C Code of Conduct applies to any type of producing entity around the globe and enables them to embark on their sustainability journey. The inclusive nature of the 4C Code of Conduct aims to reach out to producers who are currently not participating in the market for sustainable coffee and bring them into compliance with a significant level of sustainability. The intention is to gradually raise the social, economic and environmental conditions of coffee production and processing worldwide.

4C Unit Business Partners

  • Any actor within the 4C Unit up to the Managing Entity level, who has physical contact with coffee cherries or beans
    (Those actors are mainly, but not exclusively, coffee producers, collectors, warehouses, mills, chemical sprayers, labor services providers).
  • Compliance with 4C Code of Conduct
  • Can only sell coffee to the Managing Entity of the 4C Unit that they are part of or through the internal supply chain of the corresponding 4C Unit

Managing Entities of 4C Units

  • 4C Certificate holder
  • First actor in the supply chain selling 4C compliant coffee
  • Implementation of 4C Code of Conduct, Internal Management System and traceability
  • Reporting of 4C compliant coffee sales volume to 4C Services

Intermediary Buyers

  • Compliance with 4C System trading requirements
  • Documentation of commercial transactions

Final Buyers

  • Last actor in the supply chain
  • Reporting of commercial transactions
  • Compliance with 4C Service Agreement

Further Information – Downloads and Links:

System Documents

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