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Join the 4C Verification Process - Step by Step


4C Units – Step by Step

Step 1: Application for Verification

  • Make a diagnosis of the compliance level of all BPs to the 4C System
  • Confirm that no Unacceptable Practices of the 4C Code of Conduct exist in the 4C Unit
  • Implement the principles of the 4C Code of Conduct within the 4C Unit
  • Create and implement an Internal Management System (IMS) for the 4C Unit and its related documents
  • Fill in and prepare the application documents for verification and send them to 4C Services
  • Receive 4C approval to the application

Step 2: Verification Process

  • Select a verifier company which is approved by 4C and inform 4C Services of which verifier company was chosen
  • Receive validation from 4C Services to contract the verifier company
  • Schedule the on-site verification directly with the chosen verifier company
  • Read the verification report, endorse it and send the signed declaration back to verifier
  • Receive a decision on licensing from 4C Services (in case of a negative decision, you must restart from Step 1)

Step 3: Maintenance of License

  • Design and implement sustainability improvement actions according to the requirements of the 4C Code of Conduct and the IMS
  • Measure the results and impact of the improvement actions
  • Send to 4C Services an updated set of documents (2 updates in a 3 year cycle)
  • Receive 4C approval to the annual updated documents
  • Apply for reverification (before 3 year cycle ends)

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