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4C Services Advisory Board

Nigel H. Croft, Chair of the Board

Nigel Croft has been actively involved in Quality Management since 1974, when he began his career in the British steel industry as a student apprentice. Among his many professional activities, Nigel has held senior management positions and served as non-executive board member of a number of commercial and non-profit organizations in the quality and sustainability arena. He currently Chairs the ISO Technical Sub-committee TC176/SC2, responsible for the ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 Quality standards.

He was a member of the FLOCERT Supervisory Board in Bonn from 2010 – 2016, serving as its Chair from 2012-2016, and a Member of the Board of SAAS (Social Accountability Accreditation Services) in New York, from 2010 – 2017. Nigel is a quality and sustainability consultant for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and an Adjunct Professor of Quality Management at the College of Business, University of Northern Malaysia.

Michael von Luehrte, Member of the Board

Michael von Luehrte – currently Secretary General of the SCTA (Swiss Coffee Trade Association) – started his career in commodities 1981 with Jacobs Suchard in Germany/Switzerland and spent four years in Brazil, managing the local Taloca trading and procurement office. After Jacobs Suchard was acquired by Kraft Foods in 1990, Michael worked across different agricultural commodities.

After 25 years in various procurement, market research and risk management roles in Switzerland and the US, Michael joined Noble Group as Global Head of Agricultural Research in 2007 for coffee, cocoa, sugar+ethanol, oilseeds+grains and cotton as an integrated part of the Lausanne/Geneva based trading teams.

After COFCO took over Noble Agri in 2014, Michael helped to set up the Corporate Responsibility function as an additional responsibility. In addition to his current position as Secretary General of SCTA and board member of 4C Services, he is also involved in commodity consultancy projects.