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4C Technical Stakeholder Committee – Carbon Footprint

This Technical Stakeholder Committee was set up especially to improve the on-the-ground application of the 4C Carbon Footprint Add-On and discuss future technological innovations. The focus is on finding solutions for a more climate friendly future for the coffee sector through exchange of ideas an expertise.

Stakeholder Committee Registration

1st Meeting on 6 April 2022 – Introduction of the Carbon Footprint Add-On

  1. Welcome and Introduction of the Objectives of the Committee  – Norbert Schmitz, 4C
  2. The Certification Process – Mariana Barbosa, 4C
  3. Background and Methodology for the Carbon Footprint Add-On – Claudia Bulgheroni, Meo Carbon Solutions
  4. Feedback from the Public Consultation – Claudia Bulgheroni, Meo Carbon Solutions, Mariana Barbosa, 4C

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