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First 4C Global Sustainability Conference – Integrated Approach and Innovative Solutions with 4C Coffee Certification

100 interested parties registered for the 1st 4C Global Sustainability Conference in Berlin on June 6, 2019. The conference has been a huge success, according to the feedback received from the participants.
Coffee producers, brand owners, traders, associations, government authorities, NGO’s and research bodies shared their perspectives on practical solutions for sustainable coffee supply chains.

Impact of 4C certification on the ground was described by coffee producers from Brazil, Colombia, and Uganda. Trade and end consumer requirements were elaborated on, and conclusions for a reliable and efficient certification in the coffee sector were drawn.
We showcased, how new technologies are being applied for a credible and secure 4C certification, in addition to innovative solutions for biobased and recycled polymer packaging of coffee.

The following issues were addressed by speakers from Government, coffee roasters and brandowners, trade and associations, coffee producers, research organisations, NGOs and 4C:

  • Policy framework and actual political initiatives
  • Environmental, social and food security risks
  • The new 4C standard for sustainability risk mitigation
  • Remote sensing, monitoring and mapping of supply chains
  • Risk and land use change assessment
  • Climate friendly coffee
  • Integration of smallholders
  • Impact of certification
  • Sustainable packaging (biobased, recycled) for the coffee sector

The agenda allowed for brief discussion of the input provided by the speakers. To round off the day, 4C invited the participants to a reception to facilitate networking.

4C would like to thank all speakers and participants for making this conference such a successful event.

You can download the presentations of our speakers here: