Trainings & Events · Online: 4C Technical Stakeholder Event, August 2021

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Online: 4C Technical Stakeholder Event

We had invited 4C System users to the first 4C Technical Stakeholder Event on 24th August from 14:00 to 16:00 CEST.

The goal of the event was to facilitate a more technical and practical meeting with 4C system users’ staff, who are involved in the coffee trading activity, from Managing Entities, Intermediary Buyers and Final Buyers.

With increased interest by stakeholders and end consumers in reliable traceability as well as developments of new regulations, traceability in international supply chains and assurance of sustainable sourcing gain importance in the coffee sector.
As a response, 4C introduced Chain of Custody certification in July 2020, continued to develop our database to address customer requirements and would like to inform on new developments at 4C.

The agenda was the following:

  1. Brief overview of most recent and ongoing developments in 4C  – Norbert Schmitz, 4C
  2. Upcoming due diligence requirements and 4C’s regulatory value – Norbert Schmitz, 4C
  3. Reflection on commercial reporting activity in 2020
     & Highlighting 4C requirements of system users and guidance – Benedikt Zimmer, 4C
  4. 4C Chain of Custody certification – Benedikt Zimmer, 4C
  5. Preview of a revised commercial reporting via 4C Portal as a reliable database solution – Benedikt Zimmer, 4C
  6. Q&A session

Presentations are available to download here.