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To register for a 4C training, please complete and submit the following form. You will find more information about different options and fees below.

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Registration for 4C Training

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You can book one of the available options.

4C Core Training (regular fee*):

  • Option 1 – Complete training (3 days): 680,00 EURO
    Mandatory for new auditors, evaluators, and certifiers.
  • Option 2 – Only day 2: 480,00 EURO
    Mandatory for certification bodies that would like to offer CoC certification (at least one auditor and one evaluator per certification body).
    Recommended for those who have attended recent training and wish to update themselves on the latest 4C System improvements.
  • Option 3 – Only day 3: 480,00 EURO
    Attend this day to learn about 4C certificate maintenance, commercial reporting, available 4C digital tools and new 4C add-ons and their implementation – getting ready to address coffee’s carbon footprint, as well as gender equality and food security gaps.

*Not including VAT (applies only to companies located in Germany)

4C Add-On Trainings (regular fee*):

  • 4C Carbon Footprint Add-On Training (3 days): 500,00 EURO
  • 4C Food-Security Add-On Training (4 days): free of charge, but only limited slots available
  • 4C Gender Equality Add-On Training (2 days): 400,00 EURO

Add-On trainings must be fully attended. No other options of attending only specific days are available.

*Not including VAT (applies only to companies located in Germany)


Get your EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of 15% for all registering 30 days prior to the first day of the respective 4C Online Training!

Additionally, a GROUP DISCOUNT SCHEME is available:
Only applicable for more than one participant from the same company in the same training. For the certification bodies, this applies to auditors under the same contract with 4C Services GmbH.

No. of participants: 2  → 20%
No. of participants: 3-4 → 30%
No. of participants: 5-9 → 40%
No. of participants: 10 or more → 50%

Cancellation policy

Until the 31st day before the first day of training: free of charge
Between the 30th and 21st day before the first day of training: 20% of the total amount of the invoice
Between the 20th and 11th day before the first day of training: 50% of the total amount of the invoice
Between the 10th and the 1st day of training: 100% of the total amount of the invoice

Terms of Payment

The training fees are to be paid at the latest 7 days after receipt of the invoice and prior to the training. Payment of the training fee can be done by bank transfer (please use the banking details indicated on the invoice).