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Fulfill the requirements of the EUDR with 4C

4C Certification

Providing independent, credible and innovative solutions for sustainable supply chains

4C Add-Ons

Promoting climate friendly coffee with the 4C Carbon Footprint Add-On

4C Add-Ons

Empowering women in coffee production with the 4C Gender Equality Add-On

4C Projects

Improving working and living conditions for coffee smallholders in Colombia

4C works towards sustainable coffee supply chains and improved livelihoods of farmers

As an independent, stakeholder-driven, internationally recognized sustainability standard for the entire coffee sector, 4C aims at anchoring sustainability in coffee supply chains across environmental, social and economic dimensions. 4C is a credible and robust system, applying innovative audit and risk assessment procedures, and is strengthened by a comprehensive integrity program. 4C System brings real impact on the ground, enabling continuous improvement and enhancing smallholder livelihoods, and supports companies in achieving and keeping their sustainability commitments.

  • 4C certification applies high standards on economic, social and environmental conditions for coffee production and processing to establish sustainable, trustworthy and fair coffee supply chains.
  • 4C certified coffee has been produced in accordance with the 4C Code of Conduct, a set of baseline sustainable practices and principles for the production of green coffee beans.

Create a sustainable future for coffee

The 4C Code of Conduct enables coffee farmers in 18 countries to participate in sustainable markets and profit from higher economic outcomes, improved and fair working conditions and the preservation of precious landscapes and biodiversity. To achieve these goals, the 4C Code of Conduct applies important criteria in the three dimensions of sustainability:

Economic dimension

  • Business Management
  • Capacity and Skill Development
  • Access to Services and Market Information
  • Traceability

Social dimension

  • Human and Labour Rights
  • Working conditions

Environmental dimension

  • Protection of Biodiversity and High Carbon Stock Areas
  • Use of Pesticides and Other Hazardous Chemicals
  • Soil Conservation and Fertility
  • Water Conservation
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Consumption

4C stands for reliability

4C is a trustworthy and secure system, relying on innovative technology and profound training to monitor the compliance and continuous improvement of participating farmers and partners along the supply chain.

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