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Public Consultation: Share your feedback

Public consultation has always been a vital driver for 4C in all its actions and innovations to continuously work on improving the 4C certification system.

The current public consultation to obtain feedback on the revision of verification guidance and adjustment of level of compliance to some criteria to be more in line with national laws and regulations, and the consultation ended on 30 May 2023.

4C is currently reviewing all comments and observations.

4C Code of Conduct Revision Process

In 2019-2020, we had extensively worked on compiling all our experiences made within the last years, and the feedback received from our stakeholders to revise the 4C Code of Conduct.

This step aims at making the system more robust and fostering a continuous improvement process on the farm level. The revision is primarily based on the stakeholder feedback, received during previous stakeholder meetings, calls, and via business correspondence.

4C Services invited all interested parties to send any comments and feedback with regard to the new version of the 4C Code of Conduct. Public consultation is now closed.

Important note: 4C continuously collects feedback to improve the 4C Code of Conduct, which is revised every 5 years. The next 4C Code of Conduct revision will take place in 2025, after which it will be made available to all stakeholders for public consultation.

4C Code of Conduct v.4.0

Download the 4C Code of Conduct v.4.0 and the latest versions of the 4C System Documents under the following link.

The transition rule will be applied once the revision is finalized and communicated.

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