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Public Consultation

Newly developed system documents or fundamental changes will be published for public consultation

4C Services is continuously working to improve the 4C Certification System. Feedback from companies using 4C, auditors and other interested third parties is an important source for the ongoing development and therefore highly welcome. To gather feedback, 4C Services publishes relevant documents for public consultation. 4C Services will analyse and consider the feedback received before publishing the final version of the document including the date on which it becomes valid.

Please note that all documents published in the public consultation section below are draft documents. Finalized versions of the documents might be subject to further adjustments.

4C Services invites all interested parties to send any comments and feedback with regard to the document below to 4C Services. The public consultation shall generally be sixty calendar days from the date of publishing.

Please send your comments and feedback with a reference to the document name to

Currently no documents under public consultation