4C Supports the German Supply Chain Act

In a joint statement, 33 stakeholders of the Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chain Initiative [1], among them 4C, have committed themselves to the Supply Chain Act.

“We pledge our support to the German government for a national supply chain law and an ambitious European regulation.”

The Supply Chain Act lays out the responsibilities of German companies with regards to their supply chains and envisions obliging companies to take a proactive approach against human rights and environmental violations. This act will be soon proposed to the German parliament.

Actively supporting the Supply Chain Act signifies the willingness to take responsibility together with the German government to make an effort and do whatever is in one’s power to establish more sustainable and transparent supply chains.

To read more and download the statement, please follow the link.

[1] The Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chain Initiative (INA) brings together numerous actors from the private sector, civil society, and politics. Together they want to achieve more sustainability in global agricultural supply chains and improve farmer living conditions.