4C recognized by the Global Coffee Platform as equivalent to the Coffee SR Code, 3rd party assurance

Bonn, Germany – July 7th, 2023: Today, the Global Coffee Platform officially announced its recognition of 4C as equivalent to the GCP Coffee Sustainability Reference Code (Coffee SR Code) in the category of 3rd party assurance.

As Norbert Schmitz, the Managing Director of 4C stated: “Being recognized by GCP’s Equivalence Mechanism 2.0 holds immense significance for 4C. Receiving this recognition reinforces 4C position as a reliable and comprehensive 3rd party certification system and strengthens our commitment to collaborating with the coffee sector to advance sustainability. We are dedicated to continuing working closely with GCP and other stakeholders to drive positive change, creating a more sustainable future for coffee.”

The Equivalence Mechanism, Coffee SR Code, and GCP Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases were developed by GCP to establish a sector-wide understanding of the foundations for coffee sustainability. They aim to provide a common language and a recognized framework for sustainability in green coffee production and processing. The Equivalence Mechanism 2.0, released by GCP in November of last year proposed stricter sustainability and operational criteria. As a result, 4C has been reevaluating and aligning its system to remain equivalent to the Coffee SR Code and the Operational Criteria of EM 2.0. The assessment was conducted in collaboration with the International Trade Centre to ensure the integrity of the process.

Upon successful assessment and recognition by GCP, 4C is now again eligible to be included in the annual GCP Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases. This reporting initiative serves as a means for roasters and retailers to align their practices and contribute to global coffee sustainability efforts. The recognition process by GCP’s Equivalence Mechanism 2.0 is an important step to provide a sector-wide reference for sustainability in the economic, social, and environmental aspects of sustainable green coffee production and processing worldwide. According to Annette Pensel, GCP Executive Director, the Global Coffee Platform “applauds the action by these GCP Members to step up and align their sustainability schemes through the Coffee SR Code and GCP Equivalence Mechanism.”