Roll Out of the New 4C System Documents: Finalized and Available Online

After several months of collecting and compiling all our experiences made within the last years and the valuable feedback received from our stakeholders to revise the 4C System requirements and documents, we would like to let you know that the new 4C System documents are now finalized. They comprise:

4C CODE OF CONDUCT V. 4.0 entails revised 4C’s sustainability principles and criteria. Its focus is on the sustainable production of coffee green bean and its post-harvest activities.




4C SYSTEM REGULATIONS V. 4.0 describes all relevant aspects and requirements of the 4C System, including general principles, internal structure, and the 4C certification requirements. This document replaces the former 4C Regulations, including 4C Verification Regulations V.2.2, 4C Commercial Guidelines V.2.3, and 4C Communication Guidelines V.2.2.



4C CERTIFICATION BODY REGULATIONS V. 4.0 lays down the requirements for Certification Bodies (CBs) to become a cooperating CB of 4C, and the duties of CBs to perform certification services according to the 4C requirements.




To access the 4C document library that entails not only the above-listed system documents but also supporting documents, such as 4C Certification Step-by-Step, 4C Glossary, as well as various tools and templates, please follow the link.

Important note: 4C offers introductory online seminars to provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the main changes in the 4C System, resulting from the latest revision of the 4C System documents and ask questions. We encourage every current 4C System user as well as any other parties interested in the 4C System to use this opportunity. Participation is free of charge, but registration is required. To register, please click here.