New “Employers Register” published by Brazilian government

The “Cadastro de Empregadores” (Employers Register or “dirty list”) of contemporary slavery is a database created by the Brazilian government in November 2003 and is updated at irregular intervals by the Ministry of Economy. The register exposes cases where people were rescued under conditions considered analogous to slavery (i.e. forced labor, debt bondage, degrading conditions, and exhaustive journey).

You can find the official list here, which was published on 3 October 2019.

After the direct reference to 4C last year, we acted immediately and integrated the list into the audit and risk assessment procedure of the 4C System.
Auditors are required to compare coffee producers against the list during risk assessment, which can be accomplished by using our Transparency List Tool.
Considering the new list published this month, 4C Services would like to confirm, that no farmer mentioned is part of a producer group (“4C Unit”) either holding a 4C Certificate or being in the process of receiving a 4C Certificate.

While we make the effort to keep the Transparency List Tool updated and reflect new publications by the Brazilian Government, the next iteration of our system template documents will incorporate automatisms on our 4C Portal, which will remove the extra effort for auditors – not only related to the “dirty list” in Brazil.

This increases both reliability of the 4C System as well as flexibility for 4C Services to integrate similar features without overwhelming auditors and group administrations (“Managing Entities”) with more specialized tools.

4C System users will be informed about details later this year.